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the galactic university

a division of

galactic central

the purpose

providing final studies ...
for the certification of all galactic personnel

and ...
for the general education to all galactic citizens

to being ... becoming a homo sapiens ...
to be a guardian of this universe !

the condition on this planet is so gruesome
every human will be tormented to his death
before he is one year old !

in fact traumatized >
so he will never be able to really see reality
as is ...

will then be trying to become a success story
in the eye of his environment >

but of cource being a total failure
if considering the ultimate law of creation !

>>> to using creation only as designed by creation <<<

so ... becoming a criminal for life !
because what ever honorable he will be trying to do
will not being accepted by this planet of satan !

there by ...
any thing criminal > damaging the environment
damaging humans ... beyond repair >>>

will being cherished by those masses of insanity !
because those will only being enticed
when seeing a catastrophe ...
because they are trapped as well by their illness ...
of being a product of this gruel environment !

everything therefore nothing >>> real ...
only this mirage > of sparkle !

with which they then squander one world after the other
in a few hundred years

they could be lasting xxxx million years > with all humane life !
not have to be sick competitively > mentally disturbed in character
if not physical ill ... zombies of their traumatizing !

and this knowledge we have to bring forward
not how to make a career to annihilate > everything ...
and still be stupid enough >>>

not to even notice !

in contrast ...
conditions in any society
on any planet in any galaxy under our domain are so heavenly >
no one would ever be breaking any law !
would never be breaking any thing >
let alone breaking humans >
considering no evil ...
ever !

because we are the guardians of this universe ...
being the guardians of creation !

you may well be having the aspiration
of wanting to be doing no damage !
of being the guardian of creation ...
but just look at your doings >
your drinking > your eating >
damaging your health !
climate control of your buildings >
your traveling > wasting your energies >
resources >
looking for no real solutions ...
all evil !

most of all >
nobody should be working
more then 4 hours a day
on his profession

then to grow and harvest
what he will be eating
a few hours every day
and then helping to cook meals !

otherwise you will
be losing your
reference to
rest of the universe

and never bake or fry any thing >
boil eggs and meat at under 200 f
and when needed only ...

up to boiling temperature .....
and make it all as short a cooking as possible
meaning everything as small as possible >

or to many vitally needed vitamins are destroyed !

galactic design

the principle of star peace

the meaning of life of a human > is to work out a decent way of life
realize it > live it  > guarantee it for all !

because only then .... he is a human being !

and therefore there is no meaning here on this world !
as there is no human order

because humans only want to live decently > can be > must be ....!
otherwise they will be dissatisfied >until they can live as humans !

so to achieve this > the meaning in life of each person ....
is to make just this happen

until then ... they feel like losers > indeed they are .... in reality!
only by their conceit procurement > this is represented as a success >

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> how it all started star peace

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> this problem here
the planet of satan

> the basis of our success galactic foundation

> developing a paradise utopian institute

an introduction to the religion and history of the galactic nation

forum galactic university

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         the star peace organization



galactic central

documenting a day in the life of  > first planet < in the year 154 after creation
of the first human settlement in this universe ......

note .... a responsible life style ... can not only be the biggest fun in the universe ....
but being the only life style ... working endlessly ....

because every one can be convinced of what he is doing !
forever ......

since we are homo sapiens ...
we have
of course no democracy
certainly no secret and free voting

but of course an argumentocracy
meaning ... where the best solution
is used by all

because only the best solution
can be shaping our future for all eternity
where our universe
and all worlds
are preserved to eternity

and should someone
bring forward a scientifically provable
better solution > then this will be used

of course we have no theocracy
even though it is our entire existence
to conserve
this universe and all its people
so ... we live according to a religion

there is no humanity with power positions
but an alienating hierarchy

and alienation creates automatically
and principally criminal energy

which will lead to a secession
as soon as no power can prevent it
because power exertion makes it natural
to creating this cleavage

of course there is no money here
and consequently no capitalism
since this only can be the end
of every thing

we create everything that we need
so .... that we have everything
and of course we can keep it
for millions of years ...

we are looking at > first planet > at our very right > the sun >
below left > what is looking like a tiny moon > being the space ship >
watching out for the safety .....

parked in geo stationary orbit over the settlement >
with only the sensor doors open !

we are seeing no lites an the planet be low !
no sign of any settlement ... or manufacturing >
the only thing to indicating any population as of now >
are the out rigger sail boats beached > the solar electric rovers > the river boats .... 
but there is an emergency plan ready to put all those under cover should any need arise !

the camouflaged hydro electric plant at the river falls is not operating
the lites for orientation in all the housing and control centers
is being supplied by tiny local thermo nuclear power plants
from the former uses on the roboter ships
and planet rovers  ....

there is no other hind of any human population any where from here ....
naturally ... no broadcasting of any radio trans mission of this world
can be received at any distance

as all communication is done > by quanta communicators >
low power short distance equipment or through under ground lines  ....

we are now in the main command room > the display showing >>> automatic surveillance mode on >
no space sensors > no space ships > now asteroid on coordinates  6 39 15.70 > 2 16 22.17 >
received quanta message from planet two > but no frequency messages >>>
since automatic mode started !

the crew sleeping > like all residents be low on the planet ....

we are now going toward the first planet > seeing a roboter ship > monitoring the settlement >
seeing a predator going toward it .... notifying the nearest planet rover automatically at the planet surface
there the animal repulsion system is activated > and the tiger is making a U turn and going off ....

we are now in a cave > at the rivers bank > seeing two children in the dawn of the new day !
the increasing light being brought in their room by an automated mirror from the rising sun >
the led clock showing 5 45 .... the date 05 03 154 >  at this moment >
the boy is waking up and looking what time and saying aloud >
having to be getting up soon !

when his sister is opening he
r eyes too .....

now we are in the kitchen of the cave > where the boy is telling his parents there >>>
that he does not want to go to school today > but be playing with his friends at the river ....
his mom asking him > what they are having in school today ?
and he startles ....

because he was to show off his experiment of mixing colors today !
so ... he thinks > he will be going to school today after all ...
to be showing off > an electric motor

where a disk of all colors in sectors ....
will be becoming an off white once turning ...

the mother saying >
we are having > commanders day 100th anniversary coming up in 3 days
then we will all be having off ... and dancing and singing together all day long
do you remember what he has been doing for us ?

yes ... says the girl > he was the founder of our religion > he and his crew of a space ship
put the tyrant and his bandits of the empire on a planet to die ...
while having time to realize all their wrong doing ...

and settled this world for us > free of any wrong doings ....

I am > because we all are !
and we can be > because I can be .....

what is the supreme law ?

the universe ... and any world
use only as defined by creation !

and consequently from this derive >
all commandments >

fundamental rights from!

as well as the requirement for peace !
all must recognize the present reality
and then ...  guarantee a new !
meaning an accountabile life
providing for all ...

no mirage > without conceit !
without physical force > without taboos ...
all must be addressable !
meaning capable of >

being a responsible citizen ...

then he went off in his spirit later on >
leaving his body behind here >
to be helping a native population living after our religion in some other galaxy !
and this day we are celebrating > what he having done for us ....

all their other relatives are coming in now ... many being over a hundert years old
they are fixing breakfast now > from the seeds they have been collecting days ahead
and rolling them out > soaking them since last evening and now adding fruits and nuts to it !
after eating the kids are going off to school > half of the adults are going collecting lunch incredients
the others going to their work .... since this being the first settlement ... the galactic c
ounsil being here
and the co ordination of all the things to being done >

the counsel members are considering
the danger from the asteroid >
sending a roboter ship to it >
to making star dust out of it >
to fertilizing our planet !
the message from planet two
will be considered now ...

to our dear galactic counsel members
as you know ....

we have arrived at our new home month ago ! taking inventory of all plants and animals pathogens and toxins ... atmospheric components being confirmed ... animal population is in a very early state ! having selected a location for the new settlement ! like our first> at first planet ... at a river bank in a desert within the tropics >

since the sun shining less than at first planet > we will be limiting the settlements to the near equator ... there are limited places for caves ... so > we will later be building partially submerged housing there > since the bank mostly does not have enough slope to it and since there .... be no more need for exclusively camouflaged housing ...

we will be all moving into are new housing now >

to be celebrating commanders day ...
all together on our new future planet !

leaving the space ship two > at automatic command mode ...

our dearest regards to all of you >
for having made this possible ....

commander ss2

the counsil members compose a reply and congratulations >
for the successful start of a new settlement ....
on the second planet ...

there while in a another galaxy > the spirit of the commander !
still working on an evolution to a higher race > there !

the harbor being down river > the space craft factory being at the hydro electric plant
up the river  ... right here > many service work shops for all the technology used
note books having direct led screens ... using less than 1 watt >
the rest having only 100 mhz > and the OS being optimized
as well as all the applications for this ....

there is only one model for each use >
and that being build to last a 1000 years ....

then at 11 they all coming together again to eating lunch
under the trees by the river ...

then at 1 pm they are going to take place at the workers who are now hunting
and collecting for diner and the next day until 5 pm

then eating together with their families ... after they are just resting and talking things over
so no problems are unsolved ... till at about mid night > they are having a snack
to be sleeping again till the morning ....

there is no hierarchy ...

because this would be an alienation and be a coming problem for all !

everything must be
transparent > everything must be understood by all !
only in an emergency > there is a command structure > thus eg in a spaceship
at a sea crossing > so if there is no time for talks !

but even then all orders ... spoken about in retrospect >
and reviewed by all ... to find the better answer !

just as there is no democracy or theocracy ...
since only ...

if all can agree > the answer will be right !

and only if there is no time there will be > temporary solutions used ....

till a valid solution is found !

and should any individual or a group
not be responsible for our universe > not willing to be responsive ...
then this necessity will be carried forward with all force !

while there is every freedom to act on your own >

there must be no exclusion for any one or any thing >

everything must > stay part of creation !
because as soon as anybody is excluded he will be feeling alienated ....
then arises >>> a criminal association ...

and each organized crime on a world >
even this whole universe > we will  prevent !
there can be no freedom for the destruction of a people
or a world > and this is the core of our religion !

where there is no deception what so ever

homo sapiens > knowing exactly > what they are doing >

and what effect this is having on eternity ...

and now ... a thousand million years later ... our commanders idea still working fine !
the only difference > we are having populated around a million galaxies
where there are an average a million planets each ... having an average of a millions ....

so we are a real trillion strong > 1 xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx homo sapiens

but still there is no where any war >
no force necessary ... since we solve any problem every day ...

so our galactic nation > note singular !
because we are all united to keep things just this way ....
meaning there is no competition for any thing worthless !
destructive ....

we are using still the same concept technology
no need for a million different printers > pcs
but to having total star peace guarantied  !

so now ... we are having to look at this very great problem
many millions of lite years away in what those problems there
call their milky way ....

so we are now in geostationary orbit over this planet earth !
this being like a cold shower in the morning  .... already from this distance >
because we are seeing a million lites > on the dark side of the planet !
because these poor things need to be having all this diversion going on
till they are falling asleep in their bed while watching television !

our spectrum analyzers having millions of signals
already received since from very far away ....

we are now checking out the planets environment
seeing all this floating garbage drifting in the oceans
checking water quality > contaminated with heavy metals
while predators are going strong !!!
and are under conservation ...

the smaller fish are being depleted .....
insanity where ever we are looking !

because these democracies > are having those in power
having the greatest insane ideas > every where waste > frustration
entertainment > diversion > illness > speeding from one idiocracy to the next !

we can not stand this any longer .... we are having to call the galactic pest control ...
because nowhere > can those natives even discuss their problems  ...
let alone solve them !

and we see just clearly for our very eyes > what those insane will be doing
in a million years .... wasting all this galaxy and then beyond .....

we need to realize >
that .... this here ... is the planet of satan !

where the individual either will ...
taking care of his psychopathic interests >
at the cost of this world > meaning this environment and his people
or he must believe that everything will be >>> well at the end  !!!
otherwise he will not be desirable anywhere
because shunned all over !

because the aspiration of this satan
is definitely the enslavement of this population
for the purposes of the destruction of this planet >
and this is not the first time !

around 75 million years ago > this project satan has been started
and another world was destroyed and many millions
made to evil zombies of this satan !

these souls then came here > and
created  this planet of satan!
incarnated in these chimpanzees >
and their mischief started again ...

only if we realize this reality > in everything we do > retain >
we can keep the evil of using us > as the zombies for his envy !
meaning use us for his purposes > meaning destruct gods creation
because this evil > is just envious of
gods success !
he can not bear this creation ...

as well as many of this population > can not stand this creation !
because otherwise they would not deny its existence ....
and without any be lief in god

going down the road of destruction
or all of these co operating "religions">
meaning this hypocriticals ...

the ones >  continuously
as zombies just helping this evil satan ...

not be heeding this reality !

money .... can only be the biggest problem !

just think of ... you wouldnt have to get it every which way you could !?
and then you couldnt go to a car dealer and buying one of those
biggest problems you could think of > and then you couldnt
get to a gas station !!!

and wasting all the hydro carbons

and in 10 years > this contraption would be needing a replacement !
there while you could be getting a solar electric car > lasting a milena !
wasting no resources > and making a lot more fun to drive it !

if only your government would allow you to be driving this slow
and you could be affording to buy one of those

on the contrary > if there is no money >
and you do not need to be driving around all over >
and you work place is right next door .... and all of the things you need !
are right there > being brought to you by hydro electric power train
by solar voltaic river boat > or being right there produced !

what a wonderful world this would be
where every one would be doing things >
because they want to be doing them !

because they are having all the time >
to making every thing lasting for ever ....

and they are not having to making them to sell in competition
but just giving them away on any one appreciating them

everyone must answer for themselves >

whether he is working for his successful dying !
for example > in the now economy be a shame of himself ...

or if he is working on a future ....
for example....
guaranteeing human dignity ...
and long term safety !

and everyone must bear the consequences
for his doings .....

he who believes ...

that there be a difference in principal
between the past and the today's nations
or between all these nations here off ....

is having a thinking disorder !

because everywhere today and in the past >
people in a group ...... are forced into line !
and these groups forced to a nations line .....

and then all the nations ... to see how a climate is flipping !
because nowhere > is the universal law in effect ....

meaning the law of this universe >  the creation of this !
so this whole idea of a sovereignty > being wrong .....

because no individual can be free > about his aspirations >>>
except his personal preferences >

so .... " I prefer
now to put some green garb on or maybe .... "

neither ... can any nation decide > whether it >
will be wasting the planetary resources now ....

or .... can any world decide > to have all these environmental disasters ....
nor can this galaxy decide > whether or what law she to have ....

since everything should be responsible >
therefore understandable > meaning human !

so there can in principle > be no animals in a human settlement !
that is simply unacceptable> because they can > never understand >
that it is not human > to behave like an animal !
or a bug ....

contact > mail(a)

  galactic central

an inter galactic organization


     this is a documentary .... from a visitor > from a far away galaxy >
   coming to us 26 millennia ago > in his spirit only ....
   having now incarnated in our own biology >
   to be telling us the story
   of his own civilization 

...................... siera omega .... to galactic central >
                there seems to be no inteligent life on planet earth >
                 recommend end of mission

           galactic central to siera omega >
               if there seems to be only biological activity >
               you may end this mission ... any time ... at your own decision

creation ... seeming to us 

the result of an emerging entity
in the dark and empty space before
commonly called god here on

and this ... our creator
dreaming about worlds of wisdom
and we are the children of
the guardians of
his universe

there while this
planets population
are the misfits of satan
the anti creation

dreaming about a fata morgana

of themselves
as the highest entities
in this universe belonging
to some one else

and as all fata morganas
this can never be realized
this same arrogance
having created

all this aggression > colonization
all this environmental disaster
all these religions that never
having created any thing
but delusion

and as all fata morganas
this can never becoming
may never be realized

because this would be the end
of our universe >

the end of all sapiens there in
so we would not prevent
this from happening
there in

galactic foundation

since we are homo sapiens ...
we have
of course
no democracy
certainly no secret and free voting

but of course an argumentocracy
meaning ... where is the best solution
is used by all

because only the best solution
can be shaping our future for all eternity
where our universe
and all worlds
are preserved to eternity

and should someone
bring forward a scientifically provable
better solution > then this will be used

of course we have no theocracy
even though it is our entire existence
to conserve
this universe and all its people
so ... we live according to a religion

there is no humanity with power positions
but an alienating hierarchy

and alienation creates automatically
and principally criminal energy

which will lead to a secession
as soon as no power can prevent it
because power exertion makes it natural
to creating this cleavage

of course there is no money here
and consequently no capitalism
since this only can be the end
of every thing

we create everything that we need
so .... that we have everything
and of course we can keep it
for millions of years ...

the world formula >

quoting freely ... Albert Einstein >

"One must not understand this world >
otherwise you no longer get by in it "

the sum of a success  =

the maximum denial of reality x the perfect  ...
creation x
animal fastidiousness
the maximum enslavement

this in principle > the mutual > and competing enslavement of all >
in this competing  sibierian forced labor camp
to be ending this world prematurely !

so this is > a perfect organized crime

thus a homo sapiens not even being capable of having an existence
since he can not even see these anti sapiens selection >

let alone compete with this insanity !

because its an idiots selection >
and the effects off > he is understanding to well >>>

and if a man can not see anyone
and seeing him only as a pest>
according to existing reality !

then he can not possibly > help him > his pitiful existence > to cherish !
and to love his pestilence existence
is indeed the only thing >
such a poor soul is wanting !

not even allowing him to know > what being human ....

the world formula of homo sapiens ...

 meaning us > in anti thesis =

maximum reality to know x
no censure of this knowledge x
max cooperation to realization of all solutions x
continuing ongoing consultation of all

meaning a public reality > consequently >
no waste of humans and the environment
no catastropies > no disengagements >
no suicides > no wars ....

since all are having their own existence >
their own responsibility towards this universe !

we have emerged over a thousand million years ago
from a spaceship crew > in a another galaxy ....

  >     genesis <

> the emergence of the first homo sapiens in this universe

..... it happened in another galaxy ....
more than a billion years ago >

the suspension <<<

the location > a spaceship of the imperial forces on a reconnaissance flight
for potential new colonies

> the commander and his crew >> being the members of a new religion
schedule the lauching of quantum communicators
for the posting of fictitious place data intended for the imperial center
robot ships  .....

this data adhering to the prescribed course!
 as well as
some quantum communicators for fictional communications ....

as soon as those are on the destination 
 they will
fake the destruction of the command spaceship

the robot ships will then return to the mother ship on the new course >

the other quantum communicators >
have already been secretly destroyed
removal of the entangled quanta  in these .... forever ....

therefore it will no longer be possible
to communicate with the imperial center

today the powers of the imperial center
on this spaceship>
will be disempowered and deposed on the nearby planet
only with the possibilities of primitive hunters
and collectors

two robot ships will be left on  this world >
 to enforce
the conditions >

create no signs for anyone to see from space
no settlements .... plantings > markers
no radio or light ... fire sign development

otherwise they will be every time > be de powered > a method
the individium
lieing for hours in terrible pain  ....

until they adhered to the conditions !

they should have time>
for their gruesome slavery methodes becoming conscious of !

at this meeting > the emperor
notifing to his claims >
as supreme commander and as the owner of the spaceship !

which is countered > that everything
belonging to the creator of this universe
and we are just the managers of all !

that this ship
was built by millions of hours  through slaves
it being on
time .... it will perform a rightious purpose !
use it for a decent way of life in this universe ....

after this meeting >
there remain only the emperor and 2 of his adjutant to be deposed of
since there are some minors of the imperial center > joining
the new mission > which provides >

that the spaceship
diagonally at this presend cource
going to a planet known only to them >
but not by the imperial center >
through .... 

distortions made by the crew
but this region having been carefully explored >
providing ...

that the new ones are not found ..... so easily


 could no longer .... stand watching the slavery eminating from this empire
have for years thought of a way to be sneaking a way

to live a simple and decent life in this universe!

and this priority for their future

 security ....
will from the beginning be their first priority >

they will only create underground settlements
only collect naturally growing fruits
and catches of wild fish and ...

hunting .....

in a different
they can be sure of not be comming prisoners of this empire again  ....

they will only use animal paths for their movements >
but they will not keep any animals >

since this would be incompatible with their religion

no decent ....
citizens > friends > neighbors!

they will of course not make any lights outside in the night
and absolutely no broadcasting of radio waves !

they will for their communications >> their energy >

use only wiring >
invisible > underground .....

because their religion allowing no light at night any ways >
except for orientation at their home
necessary news >
no distractions > no entertainment !

should later bigger settlements on different continents
island their new world ... develop >
then the quantum communicators for news
will be equiped with new entangled quanta

> thus ensuring a secure transmission

they will make

 the spaceship

by perfect camouflage
for the transition use it for their food research + health care

and then later>

 when new generations have been growing up >
many other worlds with .....

to better the prospects for their survival !

this > the story of the genesis of the modern homo sapiens in many galaxies of this universe >
their development of the technology for un manned colonization
to other galaxies .....

giving ... no other race to this day > the capability to attack us
as we settle on ..... in principle .... only those galaxies >
where no other technologically advanced race ....

and because we observe all evolutions in our galaxies .....
long handed in advance ..... each .... even the potential threat to our way of life ......

the further development of the galactic religion > the galactic nation and its institutions in many galacies
and of course> the history of the emergence of  the ......

counsil galactic central

this is therefore a

 documentary  > no fairy thale > even though for a citizen of this planet >
it may be sounding like a nightmare .....
since their empire
their paradise >
at best a ... hypocritical ...
seemingly decent and

 their power position in it ...
the freedom to enslave others > their highest priority !

because for people ..... living honorably >
responsibly .....

is simply unacceptable for them !

the further development ...


> 10 years after <

after arriving here at our new home ....
we are preparing ... to live here !

by taking samples of all ... through a planet rover >
from each plant > animal > vermin > pathogen ....

then we create vaccines > to live healthy
without diseases ... any deficiency or poisoning !

the new planet ... a little smaller than our original
therefore everything is easier ... to realize and much easier handling ...

our new sun ... a little smaller too >
having a rest life time ...
we hope almost 10 billion years
having less UV radiation ... our year is much shorter ...

but as we will be on the border of the tropics
and subtropics
the plants there still having enough time to mature

and because there are always different kind growing ....
some thriving in the winter time ....
some in spring ... summer or autumn .....

we will be having no problems !

we explore a place on a river
the location being in a desert >

but massively fed from a remote mountain range
where on both sides everything grows in abundance!

on the steep hills on one side ....
we build an underground settlement in the light tuff
where already natural caves exist by errosion
we are digging further inconspicuously from these
for our underground settlement .....

where every morning the sun shining in ...
to wake up every one!

then we are working in the work shops until lunch
afterward .... working outdoors ...
getting animals and fish
until dinner ...

as well

 > we are having under the protection of the trees along the river
the laundry ... bath ... and all big workshops set up
and the big kitchen ...

because there to every thing >
easier to transport to !

and there ... we as well are eating all together ....
afterwards only contemplation and discusions with the family ....

the first children of this new world are growing up
and some
appropriate .... after their training
will then colonize other worlds !

we are using
the thermo nuclear generators of the robot ships
to having energy in abundance .... until we build bio gas plants
where all the bio waste will get in there ....

for cooking and preparing hot water!
for our gas power plant ...


 shall the mud again be
supplied back to nature 
as a fertilizer!

we do not want to use hydropower for now ....
until we are sure > that it will not expose our existence

so far > no report from the telescope on our spaceship
meaning no imperial ships or probes ....

we find crude fibers to weaving ... for fabrics and making clothes!

we build an outrigger sailboat to crossing the river ...
and trips to the nearby coast ... where grass seeds are growing
and everything other we can use !

to getting all we need ....

for the growing population ....

galactic design

> the end of empire <

we learn from the robot ships

 ... left at the exile planet >
that the emperor and his two henchmen ... are death >

and many years later> that by losing the emperors
ship >
the embarrassing disempowerment on our part ...
even the empire itself sinking into chaos>
all those riots and sabotage>

as the empire now headless without true knowledge ... and character >
every one trying just to savor rulers eien !

resources squandering > contaminating the environment>
instigating wars > destroying all > only for the preservation of their power ...

until only a few > in miserable existence .... remain !
from this empire will come no
danger  to us ...

but we know that not ... until much later!

> the first generation <

the children thrive in this
heavenly environment
we do not have the slightest problem !

we can take on any problem immediately and directly address
to find a general realisation >

the education of the spaceman going ahead as well ...
only no one really ... wants to get away from here >

therefore we decite > to first develop this world more >
before some of us leave it ...

to populate some other planet !

> the commander
going his way <

He has developed a way
for immaterial remote sensing > other worlds
where higher animals have already developed >
serve for the incarnation of our mind .....

he predicts > that he will leave behind his body now for ever and will go to another galaxy with out it > only his spirit because the distance for manned flight > is much to large ! he will help the native population there in their own system developing towards > according to our religion .....

saving them from going into barbaric competitions through incarnating him self into the native population !

he informs some of us > of a means to call him
should we need him ........ or he him self ... us >
but he can only with his mind come back to us >

his body we should bury after his death
in the burial chambers in the mountains
near our settlement .....

.... the message ....

on the intergalactic frequency we receive one day
a wireless message > from a radio amateur ...
reporting of the end of the empire!

we are considering what to do?
we could fly to another position>
to not directly betray us ...

and reply from there ... but what could help this ?
such a sick population as this there ....
no man can help with words!

there is not even a possibility
our intention ... our lives to describe here!
they would not believe us even >
that there are homo sapiens in this universe!

and why would anyone want to limit itself
in its power ruling
... for to good of the future ?

if these offenders there only just do not want to do this !

we could fly there>
and what could we do there ?

we could start a war .... with these now stakeholders >
could free them > of their stupidity!

but who would want this ? we want certainly no war >
they want .... only their irresponsible life !
this now crystal clear ....

so who then wanted to start a war ?
if not any danger ...... no chance of having any success ???

there is not even a real law and order there >
not any real religion for homo sapiens!

no conscience > no haze of something other ...
only power play ...

and when we would free those slaves ....
and selecting a 1000 from the general public and then flying them here
we have 1000 potential tyrants here >
problems for our future !

there is a treatment for those >
but since those would have to want to first being healthy>
and which a disease wants to get ... well ?

we thought that it was just >>> the emperor !
but now we know > that it is also each and every one tacking part in this >

because ... we could have taken part in this further >
in this eternal game of the rulers eien .....

where only the position of power decide > how much does he savore !
how many resources squandered .... how much the environment contaminated
how many people forever tortured to death!

of course ... we will not reply >
as we never send out radio waves !
which can leave our world ...

we shudder only ... if we think of all of these !

it is not just about our security >
it is about the future of this whole universe ....

100 years after ....

we have many settlements on our world
visit with our vector fin outrigger sailboats
and deliver key parts ....

we build solar voltaic freighters for inland navigation
and areas with little wind ....

we have at a waterfall ... far above our river
a hydroelectric power plant ... installed underground>
and on the cliffs there >

a roof with vegetation on top camouflaging a factory
for our robot ships and space ship production ...

for ground transport > we build desert rovers >
with solar voltaic > electric drive ...

of course bicycles ....
with direct front wheel hub drive !

we stay young through proper eating
and as well exercise every day in the sunshine ...

of course because of our satisfaction!
and because we know .... to be doing the right thing ....

we use> the thermonuclear generators >
from our robot ships etc > after exchange>
for a long time comming !

for example in the settlement area
where the weight factor / current output are of no concern

then after centuries using them there > the remains >
are splitted further by artificial neutron bombardment >
and will these residual isotope to becominng lead >>> nontoxic

over the whole period of time ... the waste heat
continue to be used or the electricity produced

of course will mine the uranium > for this to begin with >
safe > meaning underground > and with mine robots ....

so there will not only be no danger> created for the environment
but de facto > the radiation dose from this natural source
even be reduced in the long term

the whole production process of this thermo generators
and their reuse convertion > will of course be done with robot systems
and monitored by us via video continuously >

our pc have ... inclusive monitor >
a power consumption of < 1 watt equivalent
because our programs are so optimized > that they are only some mb
and consequently only need a few mhz !

there is only one kind for any purpose
so there are spare parts and renovation for
millions of years guaranteed

our lighting fixtures have led > and by oversizing them >
therefore maximum efficiency > use only a few milli watts >
under difficult working conditions ... under one watt ....
and they are functioning some millions of hours

ofcourse we apply sun radiation via mirror deflection
in our workshops > wherever possible

ofcourse we work normally only in the day time
and our lighting is for guidance mostly
in our living places at night ...

1000 year after ....

we scan further along our space environment
crumble all meteors > which are dangerous to us
so they fall as star dust only ....

we visit for the first time our world of origin !
and film the destruction caused by endless wars
and the exploitation of resources ....

but never make contact with the few survivors
they because of lack of metals > are living ...>
dying like in the stone age !

we as well are also making no contact
with any vermin and predatory animals .....

who simply have no use for our way of life
are pure creature of instinct ...

slaves to their criminell environment !
simply atrocious ...

compared with us > where you can not even see >
that there are people living > because we save each screw >
every piece of metal .... and reuse every thing !

never make anything out of order
or build it just for a limited time
but for an eternity .....

although we seem to have no enemies anywhere
but just for the esthetics > we camouflage all technology
laying high voltage dc lines in the river eg

all the other ... can be camouflaged in an emergency!

we are now hunting ever more predators
to save the smaller kind for us to eat

as well ... as in the river and oceans

so we are having enough to eat
for our growing population

we are now developing for the colonization of planets
on which are no suitable bodies to incarnate ....
and are too remote

small ultra fast robot ships
with seed cells and eggs ...

many dozen ... with automated breeding care

and if this is happening on their new home planet >
so ... possibly thousands of years later >

we are sending there > some spirits from our home planet
where they then incarnate directly into the developing baby ...

a million years after ....

our original world ... does not ... have any more people
on it ... because of the contamination everywhere ...
the lack of resources and foresight

and because of this hopeless stupidity
they are gone extinct ...

we have now settled several other worlds in our galaxy
and through immaterial mind transfer > some other galacies
for our life as homo sapiens

there are no wars > no contamination > no hunger in our civilisation any where
because all ... are part of every thing ... all have the possibility
within the line of the rest of us to realize all we want ....

we show our videos ... of our former world
in social .... political ... and religious lessons !

and no one can believe it >
that there is such a mentally handicapped population possible !

we exchange ideas via mental visits with the other galaxies ....
as well our former commander

being the beginning at the counsil galactic central

as well the be ginning of the galactic nation exists already !
we continuously contact all via quantum communicators ...

the galactic religion ... the essence of our life > perfected
seeing any risk for our intelligent life ... long ahead ....
having an answer for everything !

everyone can be helping to perfect ...
we all want to live in a paradise
for all ...

where there are no victims > no perpetrators >

no sham > no conceit .... all true and real ....

paradise everywhere !

one thousand million years


we are represented in many galaxies >
by mental transfer ....

through the incarnation in advanced animal bodies !

and should there be no animal body to develop
the egg and seed transfer via extreme fast robot ships
and the incarnation of spirits send from their home planet

and over all this time to have our idea
endlessly proven ... the homo sapiens race !

only there was ... just mean idiots selections
created by such a stupid idea > as this world here ....

where as one idiot with the other competing >
to all these idiots delight ... in their insanity >
the great stupidity .... the great enslavement !

creating meaningless jobs !
house hold delivery of toxins !

people being driven to freak out!
preventing any solutions !

see this planet satan here .....

the further development

of the galactic

we have been thinking all these years about ...
how we could protect
our way of life against any destruction ...
so .... we develop our religion
further >

what is the supreme law ?

the universe ... and any world
use only as defined by creation !

and consequently from this derive >
all commandments >

fundamental rights from!

as well as the requirement for peace !
all must recognize the present reality
and then ...  guarantee a new !
meaning an accountable life
providing for all ...

no mirage > without conceit !
without physical force > without taboos ...
all must be addressable !
meaning capable of >
being a responsible citizen ...

with the 12 commantments to define this better

and how all of this is being today >
galactic religion

> galactic central <

we are creating an information institute
where all knowledge is collected >
organized and analysed

and how all of this is being today > galactic central

> galactic nation <

is there for all homo sapiens ....
in all
inteligent nations of this universe

galactic nation

 > counsil galactic central <

  after many worlds in other galaxies have been inhabited by us
  we develop an institution >

  where always some of us in their galactic neighborhood
  are chosen to visit by im material exchange and keeping
  the connection to all of us !

  receiving information for all proposals and provide expert opinions
  for the improvement of all .... on going ...

  counsil galactic central


the meaning
a human life >

being to work out a decent way of life
realize it > live it  > guarantee it for all !

because only then .... is he a human being !

and therefore there is no meaning here on this world !
as there is no human order

because humans only want to live decently
can be > must be ....!

otherwise they will be dissatisfied with themselfs >
until they can
live as humans !

so to achieve this >

the meaning in life of each person ....
is to make just this happen !

until then ...
they feel like losers >
indeed they are .... in reality!

only by their conceit procurement >
this is represented as a success >

galactic religion

eves insane aspiration of the true love ....

thus ... the

 person she will select
as in any animal tribe >
to spoil her immeasurably .... this existing for millions of years
and until 100 years ago ... this was just inhumane !

but today .... this being the big animal love ...
straight to be the problem ... because eve still >
marry the great pamperers  ...
materially and or psychologically >

a homo sapiens having not the slightest chance !
only these clever critters .... trained by her ....

eve ...

 was and be never so generally suppressed !
but in a stone age society >
roughly equivalent with adam ....

but in this western version

 > where eve can sit around
and wait until her requirements
this insane love is full filled >

guarded by a so inhumanity as this insane western society >
where useless work being created and trained animals > state licensed >

she be the absolute ruler > the tyrant over life and death !
since she needs no man >
biologically speaking ....


but man be entirely dependent on eve ....

else nothing will come of him > even with a pope >
he adores ...  yes >

 must worship mother mary !!!
otherwise he would never becoming a pope ....

of course there are exceptions >
of any outbursts over all this injustice !
so if a man ....
lock her in the cellar

or he makes his exploitings >
to have access
a biological necessity !
he never could work out under humane conditions ...

so eve be .... with her animal demands >
and no responsibility for the future or humans
be the cause of this world dying ......

and as long as this insanity of the suppression of eve >
being perpetuated in a single nation ...
selfish motives >

for men .... the world to be put to their death >>>

as long as there will be no rescue for this world
consequently ... we need of course eves great friend >

the trained predator > discarded from all areas of human society !
because children growing up with
predators >
will be just
idiotic offenders ....

they .... of course .... to make no future !

homo sapiens >
now soooo oppressed ....
being capable to work on a solution >

to realize
this worlds rescue .....

but those in fact .... can not exist !

how is an eve

 supposed  ?

to care for something other ....
then savor heir satanic symbiosis fully !
if no one will constrain  her > such as a religion >
a tradition > a society!

while .... in this country they are so glorified by all >
because they too .... are

a mentally retarted choice !
from this it followes ... a mentally retarted world .....

how is some adam ?
care for something other ....

then to
savor his satanic symbiosis
if no one here to force him other wise >
such as a religion > a tradition > a society !

while in this country he is so glorified by all >
because they too are a mentally impaired choice !
from this we follow a mentally

world .....

how is a free market economy to function ?
if they may only build rummage >

going of next week in the garbage
while the climate being flipped > squandering the resouces >
damaging ...

otherwise they will not selling long any thing !

how is there supposed to be justice  ???
in such a satanic world ....

and how should this pest

 allow ... any
homo sapiens ?
if they can not be in a position to >

even knowing > what was right .... or wrong .....

as soon as the individual ....

themselves are out of bounds of the general future design
for example ... because they want to hide their criminal intentions ....
meaning ... this idiot selfishness .... to further savor just this ....
or any individual > eg the responsible >
being excluded !

can this be no
humanity >
but a criminal association !

because only when all have part in it .....
and most importantly ...
may be part of this >
can this be a righteous and consequently .... honorable society !

and the honor of every one must always be the
first priority ....

thus we need all to be heared >
observe all valid arguments >>>

and on this basis ....

this compiled ...

public reality >
make our decisions >

future design !

otherwise this is not a rule of law ....
but a criminal association ... as usual ....
this will not be functioning long

see as well the 11th commandment of the

  galactic religion !

and only having a decent ...

future design

a true living together 

can prevent disasters >

 since they take into account all the reality >

whereas any criminal association >
meaning all of them now >
end necessarily > because of all these disasters they are creating >
because they have not ...

reality as their counselor !
but their conceit ....

though their equally criminal >
conceit procurement !

galactic central info

homo sapiens ?

it is not ... that those masses are insane >
so actually the opposite of rational !

but all of them ? .... competingly criminal ....
which should be condemned by every law authority !

since they are all ? .... a general danger to this world > since inhuman!
condemning each other .... to state forced labor  >

forcing each other .... to drug selling > toxins > narcotics >
and buying those ! .... in absence of any thing else to do >

entertainment >>> artificial > visual and hot
sounds !
for the distraction of this gruesome reality .....

traveling to other mass delusional centers !
or the really big delusional freedom >

the patient nature .... and their " loving " animals !
the certified freedom from " humanity " .....


    life should be 
about human dignity !

about an inteligent life ... because only if every one is being treated as an inteligent human can there be a human civilization long enough to even blink your eye so ... life should not be a game at ever higher levels should not be about > making out of pawns > big players ! that is simply absurd ... because the planetary resources will not be there long enough for even a million years ! nor the very environment ! nor an inteligent population ... because players will not be responsible citizens ! because their endeaver having just not this very important > basic ingredient in there ! so .... we need no highly educated players ! we need responsible entities ... and their capabilities are then used > for the security ... the human dignity of all .... for a billion years ! on this planet > and for enternity .... on other worlds ... in other universa so ... all power eminating from the government schould be about > to guarding human dignity .... or every thing will be over in a 100 years ! its clear to see .... for any homo sapiens ...

 ..........  der...


                    the galactic nation

having been created under the authority of the cgc
                                      as a safe home for all homo sapiens in this galaxy

we are calling any galactic nation so
since in such a galactic nation
we re having actual

governing through
an total argumentocracy
including via quanta communication
every where

where as in the next level towards
the whole of creation

being the cosmic nation
being naturaly restricted
to im material communication
and travel

and to a settlement
via simple spirital means
where as in any galactic nation
there being settlement at least in part
done by actual genetic transfer

further more will a member
of the counsil galactic central
be working in his local galaxy

there while
transfering information
to and from the first planet

and his local four group
of the 4 galaxies around
his own galaxy

so again we are calling him
the counsil galactic central

because he is a
biological resident in his galaxy

there while staying connected with the whole cosmos
through im materiel communication only

            our aspiration

   this is not about us .... today and tomorrow!
   or about this world in millions of years ,
   still having sufficient resources!
   a life supporting climate on this world .....

   as well .... not in this galaxy .... in a billion years
   settle on another world .... if this here goes to an end !

   but this is all about eternity !
   and everything not compatible with this is worth nothing.

   galactic religion

a decent world without endless illness and catastrophes
can only be had if the god of truth is continually revered !

So the individual.
at any time will be conscious of the responsibility for his world !
because of a continuing exchange with the rest of the world population !

galactic central info        info(a)

the argumentocracy

                the galactic religion

               we are the guardians of creation

         all religions established today on this planet ....
                     where not ment for the modern homo sapiens !

              but for their ancient societies .... with their totally different reality !

           this is the reason > for writting up this extension of those acient religions
           since modern society does obviously not work with out !

           since we need a new explaination for all things ...
          to solve the problems of today !


these earthly religions

there is no evidence at all
to fulfill the creation

but the stupidest fairy tale
that in this universe
being to find

>>> so let us start
with these christian churches
who prescribe a love for death
so believe in our fata morgana
and you will certain
finding death

and then after your earthly death
you will be rewarded for this shame
killing all the environment
all homo sapiens

with the heavenly kingdom with the father !!! ?

being not the creator at all
of this universe can be

because the vision of the creator >>>
that people fulfill his creation
creating worlds of wisdom
so coming true

a humanity with fulfillment
fulfilling and with it the vision
fulfilling of the creation

>>> then we go geographically
to the east

to this islam
which is definitely a guide
and the probaganda to a power seizure
the whole world and that in the purest stone age way
also with the sword

>>> then to the budists
the ones with this lucky idiot
creating the most mentally handicapped
that someone can think of
in competition too
the one above


to be happy !

>>> then on to these sacred cows
so again to worship animals

>>> then to zen budism
which can be proven to be a guide to death
were all these young people in japan
can no longer take part
in this suicide
the one there too
take place

and redeem themself immediately

>>> of course
we do not need to lead on
that all of these nature religions
no vision of creation

no humanity fulfilling
no sapients at all

summary >>>

so we have
not only no valid religion on this world
but only animal vanity procurement
to the destruction
of everything


the creator of the universe

can be easily being said
to represent

the perfect

but a new world
arising today

just being the beginning
of fulfillment

of his creation

this needs
the perfect homo sapiens
for this fulfillment

so we need
the perfect air conditioning
for our all buildings

so that we are sustainable
and well protected

from the imperfect nature
going towards our fulfillment

we also need solar rovers
who give us the necessary transportation
guarantee for our fulfillment

we also need abolition
all of these predators

so that they do not eat humans
and no humans eating away
the useful animals

of course we need the elimination
of the secular state ... of the democratic
the capital of the criminal economy
of money in general

we do not need a theocracy either
because we are the perfect people
and know that we

can not exercise power
we have to do everything ourselves
can understand

of course we have to get by this idea
a heavenly paradise far from us

since no creation in heaven
we can perfect

so we need earthly biology
to create dams

for inland navigation
for the generation of wonderful energy
the storage of this energy

preventing flood disasters
the creation of infinite food
water storage for dry periods

so we know that a paradise on earth
just too easy to create

we just need
the evolved sapiens
to perfect

I know now
that a heavenly paradise
not the answer to the need
an un perfect creation
to be perfected

we need the wise innocence
of a mother maria
in a woman


with infinite wisdom
who realize that a heavenly paradise
not the ultimate meaning in their existence

but only this unsullied innocence
can help imperfect creation
be perfect ourself

adding all of this biology
perfect this creation

and the fulfillment of all


         the religion of the galactic nation

all these established religions today ... have only one task >
to guard
these " faithful " against their own irresponsibility !

in the best case ...
they are living responsibly > but are not politically active!
and this was necessary > in the past ....

because otherwise these religions would have not been legal ....
been viable!

in the worst case ....
they are even irresponsible themselfs !

because in a free society >
necessarily goes hand in hand > the accountability !!!

this applied as a citizen ...
so he must not only be free in his decisions
but he must be able to answer for them !

just as with any religion >>>
gods decision to let each and every one have his freedom
automatically and necessarily ...
becoming his personal responsibility !

and therein lies the whole evil >
because all these free " citizen and believers "
do not do this !

they just want the freedom> the money > the power >
especially > the conceit ​​procurement !

but not a responsible lifestyle >
nowhere > no one in this world > because not even >
for the same reason > it never give you a rule of basic law !
so all just have to be world bandits > with these all to compete ...

otherwise they were members of their religion >
citizens > friends > coworker !

otherwise nothing more will be possible .... for them !

the star peace organization

the meaning of life of a human > is to work out a decent way of life
realize it > live it  > guarantee it for all !

because only then .... he is a human being !

and therefore there is no meaning here on this world !
as there is no human order

because humans only want to live decently > can be > must be ....!
otherwise they will be dissatisfied >until they can live as humans !

so to achieve this > the meaning in life of each person ....
is to make just this happen

until then ... they feel like losers > indeed they are .... in reality!
only by their conceit procurement >this is represented as a success >

galactic central information

an introduction to the religion and history of the galactic nation

in pdf download

the visitor

already from space coming ....
any inteligent visitor ... will see >

that this planetary population can be no homo sapiens!

just looking at the illumination of the dark side of the planet!
and this mass of radio transmissions for broadcasting .... entertainment

when every one should be resting !

because every human needs contemplation ....
otherwise he will be > becoming insane !

then ... when the visitor .... closing in .... and all this garbage ..... to be seen
he can only turn away disgusted>

and when we are coming down on  this ... "earth" .... then ...
every one is running from one drug of entertainment >
to the
next > drug of food ......

or this guarding the peoples humantity >>>
with wolves > with state licensing dog tags!

or just looking at those ideas > this population has
about an extra terrestrial civilization >

no longer ... any ..... rest period .... at all
just endless fun !

or the "search" of this earthlies >
for extra terrestial ... via radio waves .....

then we know for sure
that this can only be simple a mass in sanity

and should more evidence of this be needed >
then we need just to look at this
animal love !

when every homo sapiens is knowing >
that animals never want to live in human dignity ...

this is a very unusual superiority >
of the homo sapiens in this universe ....

consequently they are> the only such > long enough there>
not just to
settle one galaxy  ....

but the whole universe!

now we will show >

what was at the beginning of time and how the universe came to be .........

because > to know what to do today >
we have to know what was and why is every thing here now ....

at the beginnig of time > there was only emptyness every where !
why ? > because at the beginning there could only be nothing ........

where would it have come from ?

but space has been there all ways ! .... it was definitly not created at the big bang ........
because ? > what would have been there before ? ..... but empty space >>>>

now some one will come up and say > there ist no beginning and no end of time !
and shurely > the beginnig of time was with out a start > end less !
and the end of time is with out an end >>>>> infinite !

and then ? came the universe to be ? ...
where did all the hydrogen gas came from ?

since this is equal to energy ! .....
there must have been somthing who created it !
and what could have created all this energy ? .....

in an empty space ? >> only a creater <<

having been created by him self in this empty space ....

so ........

this is not about us .... today and tomorrow !
or about this world in millions of years
still having sufficient resources !
a life supporting climate on this world .....

as well .... not in this galaxy .... in a billion years
settle on another world .... if this here goes to an end !

but this is all about eternity !
and everything not compatible with this is worth nothing ....

so ......

women competing with their lowly men -
they created through their biological priorities selection -
will bring them nothing - but extinction ......

if on the other hand -

they would become inteligent beings -
looking at the whole of reality -
overcoming their animal existance -
acting according to eternal responsibilities -

they would be creating a paradise on earth -
and live on forever ....

no one can think ... what he wants !

this is as insane > as if the government enslaves its citizens ....
with senselessly > polluting .... resource squandering > forced labor !

those are no humans > but animals and vermin
who do not enjoy human rights because they are not guaranteeing them  !

there is for the individual > only one thing to do > acknowledge the reality >
that the creation is > to honor and respect > having the first priority!

and for each nation> there is only the same > acknowledge the reality >
that the creation is to honor and respect > having the first priority!

the government being only there to ensure the safety of his citizens
and guaranteeing his honor !

and this > has to be observed globally and every one not observing  this
being a world criminal >

to be shunned by humanity !
and put somewhere in a penitentiary > where the damage >
all these world criminals have been causing ...
will be repaired again!

What is the supreme law ?

the universe ... and any world
use only as defined by creation !

and consequently from this derive >
all commandments >

fundamental rights from !

as well as the requirement for peace !
all must recognize the present reality
and then ...  guarantee a new !
meaning an accountabile life
providing for all ...

no mirage > without conceit !
without physical force > without taboos ...
all must be addressable !
meaning capable of >

being a responsible citizen ...


the limits of darwinian evolution !

selection of the fittest on planet earth !

every group ... every society selects only those > helping them to stay criminell !
to spoil the environment ... wasting all the resources ... causing a new great flood ...
and every one just pointing this out ... is  " insane " .... will be going into exil ...
prison or to a psychiatric institution ... if not just getting ill and dead !

since if the population would listen to them ... value them ...
there would be solutions possible ... and with out catastrophies

what would satan do ?

this all means ..... that we can not have a homo sapiens race on this planet ....
but a competing mass of criminal ..... apes ....

being at the very least .... passiv about this so obiously wrong ful doing !
meaning there can not possibly be a future coming up ....

only through a continous stream of discusions >
could the basis for a functioning plan be worked out !
because reality is then present to evolve such from ......

but with darwinian evolution ...... only insane vanity ...... is present !
because only those .... who entice the insane masses .... are left > after ....
solitary confinement ...... at best !

has brought every sane indidivitual to extinction .....

so ..... this population is not having any problems !
but every one else is competing to be realy the fittest guardian of the problem >

his society .... this native planetary population .....

the planet of satan

we need to realize > that this is the planet of satan !

where the individual either will ...
taking care of his psychopathic interests >
at the cost of this world > meaning this environment and his people
or he must believe that everything will be >>> well at the end  !!!
otherwise he will not be desirable anywhere
because shunned all over !

because the aspiration of this satan
is definitely the enslavement of this population
for the purposes of the destruction of this planet >
and this is not the first time !

around 75 million years ago > this project satan has been started
and another world was destroyed and many millions
made to evil zombies of this satan !

these souls then came here > and
created  this planet of satan!
incarnated in these chimpanzees >
and their mischief started again ...

only if we realize this reality > in everything we do > retain >
we can keep the evil of using us > as the zombies for his envy !
meaning use us for his purposes > meaning destruct gods creation
because this evil > is just envious of
gods success !
he can not bear this creation ...

as well as many of this population > can not stand this creation !
because otherwise they would not deny its existence ....
and without any belief in god

going down the road of destruction
or all of these co operating "religions">
meaning those
hypocritical ...

the ones >  continuously
as zombies just helping this evil satan ...

not be heeding this reality !

so ... this world is something special >
something after the story .... " adam and eve" ....

only it exist in billions of them respectively!
which are not
destroying paradise > but all their environment ....

the symbiosis is working the following way  >

is helping satan  > destroying this world
and satan is helping woman   >>>
destroy men and children !

creating zombies to fullfill their satanic aspiration ....

and as soon as a homo sapiens any where is showing up >
adam must compete with the other zombies >
to eliminate
these disturbing the peace of this ...
her horror show

because of course ....
eve wants to hear about their own shame !

and their selection ... in all these generations
makes this
 phenomenon possible!

eve always chooses the organic delusionals !
eve selects only adam!

until half the world's population will be gone in 100 year ....
as zombies can not ...... design a future ....


at the beginning > there was only .... biological insanity !
und at the end > is now this total mass of insanity governing this world ....

no discusion > because no reality is accepted any where
and only with the acceptance of reality > can there be a future .....

so the 11. holy commandment says > " you shall not refuse reality ! "

by surounding your self with others > having the same non reality as their basis ....
for all your wrong doing !


and the 12 commandment goes >

" you shall not lose your world " !

because with out an environment supporting life with out the neccessary resources ....
there will be no life > no fun !


the church of the homo sapiens

......... being eternal wisdom


before the galactic religion was brought onto this world >
there was no religion here ... to save this world !

because all other religions success > is being based on ...
this planet coming to an end !

because ...
all others are part of the problem more or less ....

not the solution !

and the galactic religion is so power full >
it needs not to convince all of this worlds population
to being successfull >

just one in a million will suffice
for this world being saved from the rest of this world !

because every one is his own prophet ....
who will not follow any rule

unless he truely understands and is convinced him self !

most of all >
he can discuss every aspect of his philosophy with any one >
because all his believes > are absolutly true !

meaning just 7 000 believers
will make a paradice out off this planet !
there while ... all the other religions >>>>
could have most of this worlds population as believers ....
and this world would not be saved from the end !

because we will not tolerate any one ....
to destroy any thing worth while !
and our environment >

is the most valuable item we have our planetary resources
are of the most value !

and every homo sapiens is worth
more >
then all animals combined !

since only the higher wisedom of a human >
is capable to save this world ....



                     the homo sapiens monastery

having only two tasks >>>

to protect the people from this world >
in their sham holiness > their seemingly righteousness >
and their short sighted success !

and protect this world > from their sham holiness
their seemingly
righteousness > and their short sighted success !

so > where today > every body being insulted to death ....
in its more or less high inteligence ....

where the
lowest gifted > being at the highest position ....
and the most highly gifted > the lowest position !

even the bible has predicted this !

where every citizen tortured to death
forcibly perform ridiculous work at government orders >
bursting with violent aggression> through >
all together resouces wasting >

and other wise harmful
to humans and the environment ....

where every mentally retarted can brag about >
bringing his ... meaning our world to an end >
with his mentally
short sighted success !

so simple being the whole situation >
being fully comprehensible to all people ....

the universal human rights being ....
what the government has to pay attention to !

meanwhile .... the individual >
needing to pay attention to > the universal religion !
for example ..... the galactic religion >
specifically the 11th and 12th command !

so ... every thing will be looked at in the blazing sun lite
viewed from all sides without pink glasses >

and only if
it will withstand all relevant criteria  ....
therefore being valid for the next eternity >

it will be considered .... to be correct ....



galactic security organization


the security in a galaxy ...

can long term never be reached somewhere

through violent measures
not corresponding to cosmic reality
being  only excuses for the rulers there ...

and excuses for the terrorists > who >
these violent orders can not accept ...

only an intelligent life

our cosmic community

why am i still here?

of course
 because it cannot be ruled out
that this criminal selection

somehow survive !!!

and with her search to destroy everything

at some point becoming
a threat to the whole universe!

there fore a danger for
all intelligent living
over all in this

a shame for the creation this one in any case

so I have to work on this
work out the exact situation!

because the sooner we know about it

the better ...
be that for all homo sapiens !

all over ...

the aspiration

of every existence
should capture reality
to be of his existence

the apprehension of earthly reality
the capture of cosmic reality

and never the escape from this reality
so the escape from any responsibility

where this all madness resulting from

it is about the realization of all people
not about the realization

of his own madness
because the person in question is unable to
realize himself

but only seek his freedom
to create his vanity ... insanity
because he be about to kill his world

every human

so it is about gaining wisdom

no power to exercise can be guaranteed
no escape from wisdom

because you are on the run
before its failure

the quality mark of an individual

so existing
his ability to argue
not in his power ability
with the help of his mass

destroying everything of value
so all of these on here ?

I can so far
not find a single one
that does no harm

so be a plague
and this democracy
is the evidence there for

mean while an argumentocracy
the proof that this argument is capable
be able to prove their worth

that because all democrats
prove their rulership

are based on their principle
of power seizure of the majority

hence this power seizure
nor do they guarantee human rights

but only rulers
so damage rights

climate tilt right
enslave rights
predator rights
contaminate rights

so everything
only harm

meanwhile an argumentocracy
the evidence of a human race

who can not argue
can not be human
but an animal

because unconscious
the are driven offenders

would these democrats be worth anything
then they could all have this value
conveying to every one

they guarantee a legal state
without police ... military ... probaganda

so we only have quantity here
equal amount ... equal destruction

not a single native person
there is no wisdom

no rule of law

only the argumentocrat
has the wisdom
being right

the quality
the being in themselves
the value decides

who ???
can give a better description
deliver a better reality ???

who ???
a better solution ???

of course for all homo sapiens
in this universe
so this one

million x million x million

do you have a better solution?

can they even know anything?
or do science?

or just with the help of their mass
destroy all future !

only a


can guarantee an endless decent order !






cosmic religion


the latest cosmic research
about the questions of being
to all homo sapiens
in this cosmos

so every one can be finding out
about the true vision of creation
being there by the only valid
religion for all

.... the science for a future organization ....

we are finding
that the creator of this universe
having created him self

in the former dark and empty space
wanting light and endless worlds of wisdom

so all he would need is developing the will
so he could with out creating any energy
at all

but out of part negative energy
and part positive energy
be creating all

this ...

his universe

so all homo sapiens wanting fulfillment
could on endless worlds of wisdom

without war tribes
predatory animals
any in justice
or illness

going toward their fulfilling
being not only the guarding
of his creation

but as well
the fulfilling

if there would not be
all this pest on

all those loved ones

are those who united
are loving each

to being united shames
eliminating all wisdom

so they can destroy
every environment
every humanity

>> what fun
dying can be !

so why are all ?
being so stupid ?

because this is what all
have to compete with !

according to
darwinian selection ...

this planet vanity

where every one be just concernd
about hindering out of jealousy
about all real success
all this fulfilling

here on

 this planet satan

where all those satanic states
are just guarnteeing satanic rights
of war and destruction
of illness

of all this stupidity
and thereby hindering
the fulilling of all


while we should never
becoming aggressive physically

we should always pointing
with all aggression neccessary
to all hindering the fulfillment
of all

only then
will the vision
of creation

being the beacon of light
als in million x million worlds
in this universe
being real

and maybe countless worlds of light
in all this cosmos

where we should
in the darkness of night
be contenplating every night
this vision of creation

to realizing
this longing for light
at every dawn of a new day

we are about the science
for the cosmic religion

based entirely on cosmic reality

with no dogma
only the cosmic reality
being our guide

for all questions
any one may ask

for the last thousand x million years

any one can surely believe in
there being no doubts possible

where the real sociality
being brought forward

being the realization
of an


based again on cosmic reality
where every solution being brought forward
since every one is having a voice

no hierarchie what so ever
except cosmic reality
except scientific

where we have at the end
not one problem

only solutions
for our endless paradice


need a humanity

because there they are free
creating more value every day
for themselfs and their humanity

there while any pest
a libertine dumb competing
needing anarchy rights

every day more damage done
because a majority
is fundamental

no rightous state
no value it all

only one power means
so coming to power

so making
the seizure

because competing parties
guaranteeing all this damage
safeguarding destruction interests


we need

the wisdom

bringing to the highest level
for everyone

since only with homo sapiens
we achieved the changes

through all of this failure
being able to rectify again

that being
why we need



of every one to promote
for the positive competition
fanning on everywhere

that we
guarantee a future
and never again

this negative competition
so this inevitable failure

there by
the elimination
of every success
being delivered

so we finally have to
reach an


around this world for the
next hundred million years
a future to rescue

so that we can
to the fulfilling
in all this universe
can contribute to

the galactic religion

we have time till the planetary year 2030
or the galactic pest control will have to come
to relieving all this poor pest
without any violence

the galactic foundation

and here
the cosmic community
in existence

our cosmic community

the galactic university

the institute of eternity

a department of

the galactic university

at the beginning

of eternity

there was nothing


what would have created any thing ?

there could only have been
an entirely empty space !

and then over an eternity
there in this totaly empty space

an entity starting
to develop himself

dreaming of light
in this total darkness

and over a further eternity
he started to make with his will
one eon after the other

out off nothing
just his will to wanting light

except for this complete emptiness
and because this universe
having no energy

you can create it the way
that there is no energy creation

because the whole being zero
a part of it negative energy
part of it positive energy

our mind

being non biological
but communicating with any brain

thereby any part of biology
being only needed

to making biology function
to exist and move

any plant having a spirit
having the capability
to guarding


our mind being every where
the cosmic spirit being in existence
since the beginning of creation

this spirit having


and our existence being
for the fulfillment
of creation

being our own fulfillment

as well as any other biology
being useful

for the fulfillment of creation
becoming part of eternity

there while
any thing hindering
the fulfillment of creation
being eliminated

from eternity

the galactic foundation


even though

we are having all proof
that this universe having a vision
for its creation

we are here argumenting
without even any intrinsic vision
by this universe itself

that having an order
guaranteeing human fulfillment
is neccessary for a life to eternity

because if any democratic party
is saying they are doing

what will be creating jobs

then this will not
save any environment
any humanity

because then we will be having
only non human entities

being inspired by this stupidity

un able to even principly
inspireing any real human

but just some dodos
wanting darwinian success

the same will apply
for guaranteeing predatory rights
being nothing but destruction


not human
since any predatory animals
will only be eating away
all the nourishment
humans need

if they are not eating them

there while not bringing inspiration
to any intelligent being

the same will apply

for any artistic doings
since no one in his right mind
will care about

any thing not bringing reality
where humans will be inspired by

again only some dodos


what being neccessary
for an eternal life in principle ?

we need to ask any homo sapiens
being full of wisdom

what they think
 will bring humans fulfillment
till eternity


we are hearing from those sapiens
that we need to ask what will bring
a solution for all

not what problems
any majority of a nation will want
for their vanity production

for their mass suicide

intelligent life needing positiveness

meaning solutions
meaning meaning

meaning creating value

any thing making sense



so needing an


so now we can based on this

that any creation wanting
not only light during the day

but endless inspiration through
all this argumentation going on at night
in any intelligent being community

inspireing all of them
for the next day to eternity


to be saving humanity
is about to be bringing yourself alive

since without a humanity
you can not be living

just dying

sons and daughters

of sons and daughters

of sons and daughters

of sons and daughters

of sons and daughters

of perfectly animal
adapted chimpanzees
over million years

always only
guaranteeing their own survival
being never a human being
having human rights

never the global environment
never a climate

only the homo superesse
the survivors

those who have no wisdom
no legal ability

only the boasting


who is guaranteed to die out
as soon as the environment
being a survival
no longer

so as soon as the portuguese come
or as soon as the 2nd venus is here

with steaming seas
only rocks ... rubble
and sand

only high temperature bacteria
to be bragging about
we will

with the help of a democracy
the ability to survive
get going there
a leader

our survival politicians
to our madness
not to

because that being the only thing
what these are all going after
a bacterium successful

bragging around
we are the craziest
only of them grew up
having madness

no human
will have such
a strange idea come up with

no one will ever
be allowed any where
with so much madness

no human
can help those
lose their madness
since this is the only thing
what these all ...


no humanity

no environment

no real success

no eternal life

now some one will say

that this being not true on planet dirt
and we will tell you

to start working on a humanity
or the galactic pest control

will have to come

the galactic foundation

and here the documentation
of our intelligent life

our cosmic community

and here being
all the science behind
for guarding our humanity
from all this insanity
on planet dirt

the galactic university


homo sapiens


an initiative


galactic genesis

a documentation

of the only way to live

and never dying


.... the science for a future organization ....


needing the potential
for creating ...


being the totaly empty nothingness
of an entirely empty space

where then an entity emerging
developing himself

to the perfect wisdom
of arranging this nothingness
to negative energy and positive energy
to becoming matter

and then the plan
that this creation

needing first plants
then animals

to develop any emerging planet
with this primitve life

but then to having homo sapiens
to emerging out of this primitivity
into intelligent biology

becoming this same perfect wisdom
as creation needed to have

meaning creation was just the beginning
of having worlds of wisdom

millions x millions of them

and then needing the wisdom
to being the guardians of all this creation
finding any danger to this success
of creation

and trying to make any stupidity see
that what they are doing

being no life it all

but a competing dying
on this planet dirt

where we are seeing only decay and destruction
and all this slavery for wasting creation
for wasting any start of
any fulfillment


but creation needing
the competing perfect wisdom
to fulfilling ...


the formula of life


that any human
achieving his fulfillment
through the freedom
to being a

human being

and that
any hindering
any enslavement
be prevented

any fanning
to this insanity
this suicide

the formula of death

insisting on

that all just seem


in a majority democracy

being only there
for the seizure of power
to continue

to destroying everything

no human rights
no argumentocracy
no future

only the driven force
of insanity

by which
any environment
every human will


meanwhile people
having only victims rights
so they should

as long as possible
be dying

meanwhile being victims
of this power seizure
be the majority



fully charged up with energy

produced by >
united shames incorporated

programed for >
united shames world wide

to be guarding the vanity
of united shame

meaning ...

all those have
nothing to want

just their liberty
to being stupid
in this age of
being stupid

where all environment
all humanity is being


for nothing it all
but vanity

no wisdom
no success
no future possible

not only nothing



can only be the highest quality
the end of the development
of any human

being in every community
taught in any kindergarten
up to the highest university
the fulfillment of all
to guarantee

in contrast
to this losing ability
which being taught everywhere
in any such a state
making sure

that no one be likely
becoming fulfilled

and why are all these against
any fulfillment ?

only these vanity procurement orgies ?
all this disaster glorifying probaganda ?

because they only maybe
a vanity procurement artist
because they are only losers

because all and
any other losers would be
becoming jealous

having to recognize
that they are only gilded losers


the principle satan

who out of envy
of this success
of creation

has to destroy this creation
so that he will brag about
we are the powerful
losers here

because everyone could see this
so he would be capturing this reality
at all letting come to his mind

but just the escape
exactly of this reality
being the goal

so why

am I writing

this up ?

do I want to push anything
on some one ?

do I want to create a dogma ?
do I want someone ?

be keeping from his fulfillment ?
of being a successful loser ?


 I want nothing at all

everything I write here
everyone can understand  !

as the cosmic reality
being self evident

that these all are a failure
that these all are not even able
their global climate to keep

even denying this fact
or their failure to even recognize
their fault

so what being ?
this cosmic reality ?

of course

to everyone to recognizes this
learning the understanding
and then being this


the only way of life
where every ones fulfillment
being guaranteed

because as soon

as any one denies this reality
being the attempt of a prevention
of this very reality

he having lost
contact to this reality

that everyone can just the fulfillment
of all guarantee

to find his own fulfillment

and any one out of touch
with this reality

being this disability
being a tyrant

meaning all those x xxx millions
must be prevented

otherwise all fulfillment
of all those real trillion homo sapiens
being a million x a million x a million
in this universe

would be prevented

and I do not write that
to achieve anything other

just the fulfillment
of all and every one in this cosmos

and the knowledge of this reality
meaning the cosmic infinite reality
then bringing the fulfillment
to every one

to any single recognizer of this reality

meaning a world without wars
without illness ...

only fulfillment
only endless satisfaction
guaranteed security

the endless competition of all
for this fulfillment
to becoming


straight to the opposite
of a life outside the cosmic reality

here on planet dirt

and not a single fata morgana
with will be bringing
only death to all



a single failure



how do we
realize this condition ?

of cource not
asking the problemes
created by this problem

where by
in every new election
all the politicians

having to make
more insane promises
to be able to come to power
to waste all

all environment

but we have to ask
every citizen

in an

what kind of solution
he will come up with

for all the problems created
by democracy

and then every one other

will have the chance
to improve this proposition

or bringing forth a better one

all in the light of real scientific

till no one can come up
with a better solution

for the good
of all of humanity

for the fulfillment
of creation

the argumentocracy


what about satan ?
and all this problem creation
of democracy ?

what would they then ?
be bragging about ?

we are no longer losers ?


being the key to real success
to the genesis of becoming human in general
because the darwinic only applies
for biological entities

there while a dodo
yes not at all able
bringing a world
to an end

only can
these symbioses
of predatory animals and dodos
so these bragging technology monkeys
that should never exist

since those already now
there self murder assassination fully accomplished
because it has been possible for 10 000 years
no more homo sapiens at all !

and before that it was just a primitive
always on the run

like today too

since there being no adaptation
at all possible

only the idiot artist
can do this

so the ones
which only from an artificiality
can rave about

and never improve a reality
just their vanity

that being why
only those

created idiots products
because no one in their right mind
at such a suicide
will participate

for what ?

only woman
biologically adapted
to adaptation can do this

and all men
being already dead

just more dying every day !

all this having been said
could also be the reason
why darwin his thesis

not previously published

because he knew maybe instinctive
that this does not affect humans at all
may not apply

and this one homo sapiens
therefore only sporadically
appearing on this world

meanwhile he being the only one
in a homo sapiens society
so with our trillion

on a million times a million worlds
in this universe

a real homo sapiens

recognize humans by

that he can cosmic reality
discussing appreciatively
with every one

but of all these idiot women
only their stupidity as the last point
leave their stupidity stand

because they never can
become something else

just stay being an idiot
because an idiot with the other

staying an idiot

so united
to remain a failure
a loser

so finish jesus off
any real homo sapiens

or in symbiosis with predators
rob out their own world
and of success

they talking

that they can not even creation
can get to let be

let alone
to fulfilling creation

just lose everything
being all of their quality

and that is her whole job
from this mass of idiots

despair every person
being so stupid

that they do not even notice
that this being all their quality

only their complete stupidity
so this mass of quantity

hence this madness democracy
also determine

that only the majority of idiots
the rest of this world their stupidity
to pushing on possible

where not a single wisdom
no single solution allowed
only certified stupidity
so this mass of stupid
in their stupidity


their anti quality
being just quantity

           counsil galactic central

         an inter galactic organization

when there were not even animals .... on this world ....
we were already >

the first and only
homo sapiens represented in this universe !
and since then .... we have made countless worlds habitable for humans
preventing the self destructive competition > each animal race is thriving on .......

through the power of our conviction ....... we are the highest authority in the universe !
since no individual ..... no nation .... not even a whole galaxy will sway us into being evil
nor tolerating evil with in our environments !

there while supporting any higher form of existence .......
since this is the first requirement for eternal life !

for the activities in your local galaxy see >
starting off as the reginal body ..... guiding development in this galaxy .......

we have been evolving out of a space ship crew ....
on a planet in some distant galaxy eons ago
having propagated our homo sapiens way of life
ever since into one more galaxy ......

galactic central history

acting as an over all governing body ..... in this universe
at the some time counseling and being counseled by
all existing nations in the universe from decaying
into barbaric entities

those the description > counsil galactic central


the galactic foundation

we are the guardians of creation

... the science for a future organization ...

our aim ...

to be developing every one in this universe
to join our humanity
to providing all the necessary human technology guarantying all of our planetary environment of cource to be guarding all of creation ergo the fulfilling of creation ergo the fulfilling of every human and to this end ... we need to be realizing an argumentocracy so every one will have the chance to further all those aims above and beyond by seeing and accepting present reality and through this as our basis to be developing our ultimate cosmic reality

creation ...

seeming to us the result of an emerging entity in the dark and empty space before dreaming about worlds of wisdom and we are the children of the guardians of his universe there while this planets population are the misfits of satan the anti creation dreaming about a fata morgana of themselves as the highest entities in this universe belonging to some one else and as all fata morganas this can never be realized this same arrogance having created all this aggression > colonization all this environmental disaster all these religions that never having created any thing but delusion and as all fata morganas this can never becoming may never be realized because this would be the end of our universe > the end of all sapiens there in

the homo sapiens ...

being the basis of our civilization for our success in eternity with his never ending wisdom > his total responsibility where no one ... no idea ... no solution will be shunned > no resource being wasted > no environment being spoiled > no security measure left out where there is no hierarchy > because every one is the most important being ! at our never ending paradise on any world in this universe we at the galactic foundation > are searching constantly finding any and all danger to our society coming from degeneration and pest keeping every homo sapiens informed > what a difference they are making ! there while any and all danger to our universe will be eliminated through > our galactic pest control program ...

the universe ... can not be an organized crime >
with its technology > its predatory instinct
on every world > every galaxy >
yes ... in the whole universe
so ... may not hold people from a responsible way of life
since this is without responsibility
since those organized criminals
understanding only their animal
instinct ...

the law of the universe >

each one citizen can only use his world
for a purpose of the universe > for creation !
and not for the destruction of their worlds
and certainly not for the destruction
of all responsible life ...

every little child knowing this in our society !
and everyone can understand it >>>
because they are having a comprehension ...

fellow humans ... should therefore their fellow human >

to be an inspiration and not an inspiration for this >

end to your world > but to be keeping it as long as possible

> meanwhile > all people are so healthy

and always living healthier!

always freed from any danger

doing less and less for their material needs

not this one day throwing away production

not these hamster wheels >

with those migratory locusts economies

the end of your world and the end of all intelligent life

already achieved

a technology may only serve the people

not for his enslavement > not
to being terrified to his end
not as a drug > because he's not able to stand this reality
can not bear at all > can not stand

not as a conceit > he would be a success >

not as a distraction > from reality

but we need homo sapiens > no idiots selection

for a secure future > for a future at all

So we need the education to a homo sapiens

not to a suicide assassin > these all are ....

because there is no fundamental difference

between any Islamic state > and his religion

or such a satanic state > who puts his delusion through

no difference between such a terrorist president

or such a freak out > who seeing no other choice

as just to be shooting around > just like all of them

terror states always are killing all resistance !

just to not grasp > that this whole world being the problem >
and no one has a solution!

nobody wanting a solution ...

the individual ...

can not be let to enjoying his idiotic egoism

at the expense of the environment and its fellow human beings

nor can he be enslaved > to a mass of insane >

to let their masses enjoy idiotic egoism

to destroying their world and destroying the people

to this horrible reality today

the only possibility for a sustainable world

and a society worthy of its people

to an endlessly functioning environment

an endlessly functioning society

be ... that all first

to recognize the need of a valid order!

and implement this > that all >

endless with one another in an open dialogue

every day > always discussing the reality anew

where everyone has a voice > not just the mass >

meaning a majority of insane

as now!

and consequently use this public truth

as a basis for your all decisions made

to realize a real righteous state

to fulfill all valid laws

to living a valid religion

homo sapiens?

only harm can come from them!
to the climate > the resources >
the seas > the land and the future !

of course to every homo sapiens > who knows
that all this harm to his world will end it ...

we can never help any one to wanting a paradise or having wisdom any one has do perceive all his trauma all his enslavement we can only provide these facts for the development of all not for ever more enslavement

and should any one or any group
any planet be a danger to our universe

we will act in self defense

and eliminate this danger

the argumentocracy

why they can not be shaping any future

the judgement


the utopian institute

a department of the galactic university

there being

no problem other then
being on the planet of satan

where every one being here
to destroying creation

as fast as possible

so that no one will becoming jealous
of any real success

meaning there may be no humanity
no homo sapiens  . ever


the belief in

any fata morgana

can only be bringing death to all

not one real value
there fore no real success
since not believing in cosmic reality
so we are having this mass
of none believers

loosing all
for their vanity orgy
every day

there being

no real civilisation
no real humanity

because of no real human rights

but just this billion suicide attack
where every one being sucked into

and because no one having any real idea
of what they could be doing

all those are just surviving
as much as they can

by any and all means
becoming then this cruel
and in human suicide attack

wasting all environnment
any and all humanity

we are

a possibility

to developing
out of these billions
a humanity

where everyone is inspiring
to fulfilling himself

to then help every other
in our humanity

to fulfillment

and not this flight from reality
this destroying in anger

where in a hundred years
the end of all life
already achieved

we already know
that this glorified democracy
being a big problem

because you do not ask
a totally flabbergasted entity
their soul and character destroyed

what a disaster
he wants to have ! ?

but ask everyone publicly
what a solution he can imagine
what we can do in reality

to save our world
and have a humanity

what they all are

and no biological madness
no vanity ... no fata morgana

we as well know
that predators never
worthy of a human want to live

that they humanity
only can harm

they all have to be first used
and then we have all this nourishment
for our humanity

those predators would eat
and then they no longer
protect their interests

and draw their energy from destruction
but not out of inspiration of humanity

and that is probably the biggest problem
to developing a human race

because as long
as all are just destroying
to survive

enslave others ... injure
all the insistence on consumption

endless harm
senseless ... harmful work

and not put forward any arguments
for a solution

no one can
even think about a humanity to happen

so ...

this being the problem we have here
we have to solve together

nobody can do that alone

now let us see
whether anyone can

understand what is the problem ?

what we have to do
to have a humanity
to having a future

it all being about
the total conviction
no longer any compromise

it is about
no more physical force
but only point out verbally
and the endless verbal resistance
against this dehumanization

which no one should tolerate
in every ones interest

no quackery
no entertainmant
no fata morgana

according to the law of this universe
any entity may use this creation for his fulfillment
for the fulfillment of his humanity

but never to destroying any environment
any human

this hierarchy of infinite liberation

of every responsibility ...

everybody understood
every consciousness ...
of course wisdom

 can in principle have no future
no human order

only this compulsion
to being a biological insanity
where there is no individuality
because everyone is united

in this one infinite liberation
from an individual can be
there ... yes ... this tyranny
such an idiot all dictate
that only the mass of insane
take over so it may be

from the ideal this power seizure
not any individuality to be
just this vanity

 being boundlessly enslaved
to losing your future

naturally every human dignity

for this reason
being every election
the beginning of a new tyranny

all these dodos ...

only have their mass
of guaranteed dying out population
because being out of their minds

since they are only supposed to show off
bragging about how stupid they have to be !

and should any one give them
offer them someone solutions
even a future

or to guarantee human rights
dignity for every human !

then they just say
they would only be on
their urge of their stupidity
this whole world to force upon

because they are too stupid
so they could be able at all
to talk about their stupidity

but just keeping their idiots existence
to impose on everyone until he is redeemed
getting ill ... freaking out >

so all dodos can say
" we knew it "

that we all
not in our stupid republic
capable of not competing
with our stupidity

just finish off
because we have no other choice
for everything else we are too stupid for

we have no interest
to get a world saved
even a humanity

so we do not have any arguments
no one offer except

" be the greatest idiot in the universe
and help us all still potentials
with a spark of mind
finish off "

" then we idiot dodos
never having to admit our stupidity
and that being our whole existence

all of our doings
our whole vanity ! "

" so ... now we are flying to chile
in the national park of patagonia

and enjoy the beauty
that we going to destroy

by using
this hell machine air plane
not out of necessity

because we could
take the outrigger sailboat
that we offered

so it is just about doing harm
that we radiate all the time

this bragging dodo existence
since this every human
must despair

and that being our only goal "

and any fool
should live high
have climate tilt rights
surgeon butcher rights
pharmaceutical drug poisoning

escape from any responsibility

no homo sapiens !

can there be on this world
because women definitely do not tolerate
she needs such a pampering paradise
where it is all about love
making !
and such an organized crime ?

competing with to be
a successful organized crime!

and whether there is a future possible
those darwinians could not care less

these are basing any decision on
what was successful

and that was no responsibility
no spark of wisdom

so no one can violate it
so > no homo sapiens !

only the homo habilis !
this capable planet destruction technology monkey
and all this darwinian probaganda
of this great success

of course the escape from any responsibility
so ... all these artificial sounds ...
artificial pictures

and re fueling and stepping on the gas

and flying may be
the quickest escape from reality
there is nothing that can flying
better in the flight from
gruesame reality

hence these captains of the air
the very first choice of women

and these surgeons
butchering humans alive
are also at the top

for getting married
because by them a woman
having no worries

that they do any thing other then

no homo sapiens !

just the dodo
who is guaranteed to die out ...

so ... what should we have to do ?

ofcource to educate all
to being homo sapiens !

what other alterative is there ???

a million x a million x a million sapiens ...

are understanding and valueing each other
for being endlessly fulfilled
through their wisdom

then this emphathy having a positive quality
for this whole universe

on the contrary ...
if 9 out of ten of this planetary population
are loving others for being ... anti ... sapiens
in fact an organized conspiracy

destroying all environment ... all humanity

and having no inclination it all
to becoming sapiens ...

since they are loved and cherished empathically
for helping their organized crime so well

then this being a catastrophe
as well as all those psychopaths
who are not loving those criminels
but just themselfs

so empathy having ...
just as tolerance and freedom
liberty ... no intrinsic quality

but it will always depend on who
this empathy is being brought toward

being tolerated
being liberated
being free from

if any one becoming free from any wisdom
as all those western democracies have done
then this being certainly

of no quality what so ever
and this being the reason

all those are not fulfilled as humans
rather being frustrated about being enslaved

becoming more and more frustrated
as time and age is making them aware
that some thing being terribly wrong here
but not being able to put their finger on

since the source of all this
having to be never publicly told

or they are being simply called cracy

being put in psychiatry
where the insane are in charge
so the only way for this universe being
to activate the galactic pest control

since there being no practical other way
to remove this pest for wasting

all environment
all humanity

just about a million true believers
will inherite this world after judgement day
just as the bible has been saying for so long

or do you have any other solution ?

every demonstration ...

showing frustrated people
so stupid

that they can only demonstrate
since they are not allowed to know
do not want to know

that they were not entlightened
were not liberated the last centuries

but are now completely lost
have no chance of fulfillment

since it is not about
freedom to losing everything

so the order
for the final victory over

all intelligent life
so a satanic state
who only having one goal

the envy of every success
to sabotage

as deprivation of liberty
to describe

because people
for their fulfillment
need real successes

no destruction of everything
and everyone

humans need a humanity
and human rights

we should

never be asking

those billions

what kind of flight from
this ... their gruesome reality
they want

but to ask them
if any one is knowing
some one not having lost
all of his mind yet

all of his charakter

having some wisdom
some solution ready

that it will not
bring fulfillment
having all those

artificial sounds
all those billion pictures
those climate flipping rights
all this jetting from one place
where no one having any thing
it all

but diversion
from responsibility
convincing all those
to start contemplating
creating a new reality
organizing a humanity
where every one

can be convinced about
since it will bring life
for ever

and a hundred million years
on this planet alone

a person ...

a homo sapiens

can never never impose on a rat
or a predatory animal

otherwise be
this animal vanity
in danger

therefore a jesus christ must
with his superior intelligence
brought to his death

a galileo finished off !
a giordano bruno ...

because those
already highlighted as an individual
their superiority

and should such only be thousands
that would be unbearable
for such animals

who not even
want to preserve a world
because it comes from their pack
to only compete with animalistic endevours

and as individuals
they do not have a possible chance!


cosmic reality

is a prerequisite of becoming a sapient
of having a future and a humanity

since as soon as any one is
just caring about his stupidity
some thing just stupid

any one is telling about a fata morgana
because his wanting to be accepted
by this mass of fata morganas

he is creating the sure demise of all
since up front there being no future but sure death
so there being no freedom of religion

just as no state can be free
to not guaranteeing human rights

so ...
every citizen having to believe in
this cosmic reality being his religion
included in his very life

expanding our horizon

to infinity

will free us
from this mass of suicids
being part of

it frees humans
of the infinite freedom
to this suicide assassination
having to bring to full filment ...

since it is all about harming everywhere
not about solutions

and as soon as we see ourselves as a solution
to fulfilling this universe

we become ourselves
our fulfillment

it is about
to solve any problem
before it is a shame to all

so they all have to go
since they are instruments of satan
that no sapient can tolerate

and only believers
of the cosmic reality
will inherit the world

we are the modern teaching
of christianity

which can be free from any dogma
because today we can know everything

so we just believe
what we can understand ourselves
and can talk about anything publicly
and therefore we are immortal

as jesus is immortal

the aspiration

of these billions
of deranged mad idiots
be the prevention
of all

public reality
a real solution
a future

because their whole job
the end of this universe
so the envy of everyone
any real success

that unites everyone
where even the school children
demonstrate against

so create even more co2
driving around for

to these demonstrations
with all this effort
on posters

and information flyers

since all do not even know
that you the children

of crazy zombies
who are not allowed to
only prevent solutions
just the reality

declare mad
and a wise man into the mad house
where they all belong

hence these demonstrations
over all of all of these
totally upset

since there is no wisdom at all
can be ...

therefore this anger at everyone
who at all on this delusion

so a 100 billion
economic stimulus program

that created this pandemic
because nobody flies to china
for what ???

there is also only jealousy
on everyone and every success

so we need
a publication of
this united madness
so the impossible

and we finally need
the enforcement
of human rights

the meaning of life

for a human
is not even potentially given

because the opposite is prescribed
and that is the competition

in this one pest swarm
in this predator pack

so just the opposite
that would guarantee

human rights
any thing being everything
worthy of a humanity

where not only the honor
of all humanity not being guaranteed
but that would be crushed by all

because any and all economic stimulus program
the citizens not having time
to reflecting on his life
every day at night

so that they do not get sucked into this swamp
of madness these billions slip away

with this strived for full employment
this aspired journey to madness

so ... this destruction of man and nature

as soon as a state ...

is guaranteeing

climate flipping rights
predator damaging rights
pharmaceutical drug rights
dr slauther rights

death nourishing rights
respect opinions !!!

then this only can
be a satanic state !

because homo sapiens
organize themselves

only for the human
to guarantee their rights

and eliminate any plague
without compromises

because no one human
will savor climate change rights
and harm with all these others
even tolerate it

let alone savor
these economic stimulus programs
to as soon as possible
go to hell

since this is harming himself
and only vermin will do this

so sapiens just wants his wisdom
with which he is

fulfilling the whole universe
and fulfilling all sapiens


galactic university

published by

galactic central information